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What's New May 2022

In April, all funds donated at our window went to the Blanchard Community Hall, a historic landmark and gathering space in the state’s oldest wooden train station. Your contribution will go toward hosting public events, classes, and dinners for the Skagit community.

May’s donation jar will go to the Edison Firehall District 5. A dedicated group of volunteers, including one of our own Breadfarmers, this local station is an invaluable asset to our community. They routinely provide ambulance and fire services for the Skagit Valley area.

It’s finally farmer’s market season! Come see us at the Anacortes Farmer’s Market from 9a-2p every Saturday starting May 7th!

Our pastry department has been hard at work thinking up new and creative ways to bring delicious local products to our storefront. The Potato Leek Danish and Chocolatine have been huge hits, and we are very excited to have local, organic rhubarb now in season! Look for it in the morning in our ‘Fruit’ Danish and in our afternoon Bakewell Tarts.

Tulips may be on their way out, but we’ve sure enjoyed seeing festival-goers and locals alike stopping by the bakery this spring. It’s such a joy to contribute to the tradition of tulip season in our own way – by delighting tastebuds with our artisan bread and pastry.

Thank you as always for your support,

Renée & Scott