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Creating goodness by committing to quality, community, people and tradition

Founded in July of 2003 by Scott Mangold and Renée Bourgault, Breadfarm is an artisan bakery focusing on naturally leavened breads, rustic pastry, and delicious pantry staples.  Every item we make is hand crafted from scratch.  Our breads are naturally leavened using wild yeasts. Our cookies and shelf stable pantry items are made in small batches, with care.

Breadfarm is located in the small village of Edison, Washington, just off scenic Chuckanut Drive in beautiful Skagit Valley. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients, sourcing locally and organic as we are able.  Supporting local business and sustainable commerce is important to us.  We are a passionate bunch of bakers, doing our part to change the world, one loaf at a time.  Enjoy!


Scott started his artisan baking career with Black Bear Bakery, a certified organic, bread bakery in Portland, Oregon.  He polished his baking skills with Grand Central Bakery as Production Manager in Seattle.  Over the years, he has pieced together his “breaducation”, attending classes at the CIA Greystone, the National Baking Institute in Minneapolis, the Ritz Escoffier in Paris, and the San Francisco Baking Institute.  He is an active member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, has served on the steering committee for the Bread Lab’s Grain Gathering, advocates for locally grown grains and enjoys sharing his baking knowledge with others.

A baker by marriage, Renée has been an essential voice and partner of Breadfarm since its inception.  With a degree in French from WWU and a background in Sales and Marketing, she oversees the pastry department, retail shop and farmers markets. She loves the relationships that have grown over the years with the customers, working with local farmers to feature in-season fruits or vegetables and mentoring the staff in baking and life.

She and Scott live in Edison and enjoy life in a small town with their 2 kids and dog.  When not baking, you can find them exploring nearby islands in their boat, gardening, snow sports, good food and wine, sharing food with friends, walking the Skagit flats and traveling adventures with family.


At Breadfarm, we believe our choices and actions will influence our community for the better.  By endorsing sustainable agricultural practices, we are helping to maintain a level of stewardship over the land, as well as freeing our food supply of harmful chemicals and pesticides.  We use no additives or preservatives in our products. 

Whenever possible we source locally.  Stoneground Wheat, Rye, Cornmeal, Fine and Coarse Wheat Flours, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour are milled locally at Fairhaven Mill and Cairnspring Mill, right down the road from us and picked up weekly.  We source local potatoes for our Samish River Potato Bread, in addition to small crop fruits, veggies, and herbs.  Our free-range eggs come from right here in Skagit Valley.  Our hazelnuts are grown just north of Bellingham. 

We believe in building community by supporting our farmers and other neighboring businesses.  Through building relationships with our suppliers, we establish a level of trust and understanding of our ingredients and the methods and ethics under which they were produced. 

We are committed to quality and freshness.  Each loaf is hand formed and carefully tended through each stage of the baking process.  We deliver fresh baked bread to our customers daily.  We donate our day-old loaves to local food banks or for farmers to use as feed. 

We live for the greater good, working hard to create and support the world as we wish for it to be.