Scott started his artisan baking career with Black Bear Bakery, a certified organic, artisan bread bakery in Portland, Oregon.  He polished his baking skills with Grand Central Bakery as Production Manager in Portland, Oregon and later, Seattle.   During his tenure in Seattle, he pursued lots of "breaducation", attending classes at the CIA Greystone, the National Baking Institute in Minneapolis, the Ritz Escoffier in Paris and the San Francisco Baking Academy. He’s an active member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America and serves on the steering committee for the Bread Lab, teaches classes at the annual Grain Gathering and enjoys sharing his baking knowledge with others.

Renee considers herself a baker by marriage. After several sales jobs in the city, she "retired" to the tiny village of Edison with aspirations of spending time crafting stained glass, silver-smithing and growing vegetables. The juggle between owning a business and raising a family mean that her hobbies have taken a temporary back seat.  She enjoys watching the kids grow up, cooking a meal after a day at the farmers market, and laughing with friends.  Her desire to compliment the artisan breads produced by her husband resulted in the delicious cookies, rustic pastries and savory treats, many of which we ship.

When we're not baking, we enjoy escaping to nearby islands in our boat, traveling, gardening, snow sports, good food and wine, sharing food with friends, walking the flats which surround our home and going on family adventures.

At Breadfarm, we pride ourselves on using organic ingredients to produce our loaves.  By endorsing sustainable agricultural practices, we are helping to maintain a level of stewardship over the land, as well as freeing our food supply of harmful chemicals and pesticides.  We use no additives or preservatives in our in any of our products.