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What's New April 2022

YAY for Spring!

The Burlington Edison High School Green Club was extremely thankful for the $1,131.40 that you donated in February. They are currently working on introducing alternatives to Styrofoam in the high school’s lunchroom and providing plastic recycling bins for each classroom.

In March, our donation jar assisted with completing the Edison Elementary Labyrinth project. We collected $1,082.52.  This will will go towards installing 2 benches, landscaping, and the creation of a memorial for Jill Bailey, Edison resident & teacher who passed away in January after a 2.5 year battle with brain cancer. 

This month, donations will go toward Blanchard Community Hall, a historic landmark and gathering space in the state’s oldest wooden train station. They routinely host public events, classes, and dinners.


Come see us at the Anacortes Farmer’s Market on April 9th from 9a-2p. Starting
May 7th, we’ll have a weekly booth every Saturday!

Easter is right around the corner! 9-packs of our Hot Cross Buns will be available for preorder on our website starting April 4th and available for pickup between April 15th and 17th.

 As always, thank you for your continued support of Breadfarm and our community’s charitable causes. Stay safe, eat well, and enjoy the springtime weather!

Renée & Scott