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We feed people.

We make bread and pastry to feed people. We pride ourselves in the ingredients we source & the hand crafted products we create.

Since 2003 we’ve been providing customers in Skagit & Whatcom counties with our products. We’ve become a staple on your table and for this we’re so darn thankful.

We employ 22 lovely humans and are proud to offer them a livable wage, medical benefits, paid PTO, 401K saving and a great work environment. We couldn’t run Breadfarm alone. Together with our staff, we’re trying to be nimble, think outside the box and remain viable. We can’t do it without you.

As restaurants have just been ordered shut, our business will feel a hit. Our hearts are heavy as our restaurant accounts will need to regroup, think outside the box and look forward to an uncertain future.

Our grocery accounts are thriving. You can continue to find us daily at Community Food Coop, Skagit Food Coop, Snowgoose Produce & The Markets in Anacortes.

We got some serious ❤️ this weekend here in Edison & at the Anacortes Farmers Market. For this we are grateful! We’re looking at options for regional home delivery, curbside pickup and probably some other angle of new and uncharted sales that we haven’t even thought of yet.

We want our staff to stay healthy so that we can continue making products that nourish your body and your soul. We’re happy to run bread outside, you can grab~n~go. Wash your hands. Stay safe. Open 8a-6p.

We ❤️ you! xoxo Renée & Scott #bakersgonnabake