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Tuesday Sweet Tuesday

Today I jumped in the van to do the delivery route. Driving gives you lots of time to think. About our world. About how this will forever impact the lives of our kids. About our staff. About our customers. About the restaurants who have shut, those who are transitioning to “to go” concepts. The grocery stores we deliver to who are short on staff & on products & who keep on smiling!! About how to keep our curbside pickup function in a socially responsible manner.

We’re here to feed you and we hope you won’t judge us for that. We’re here to continue making pastry to enjoy with your coffee for breakfast, cookies with your afternoon tea and bread on your dinner table. We’re thankful to be a part of your lives and to continue nourishing you as we all navigate this new world.

At the end of it all, when life gets back to “normal” what will we have learned?

Tomorrow is a new day. The sun will rise, the daffodils will bloom, life continues, our homes will be cleaner than ever. I couldn’t be more thankful to call this place home. We will adapt and as humankind, we will persevere.

Stay safe everyone!

❤️ Renée & Scott #bakersgonnabake