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Stollen! It's here and it's wonderful!

Long before we opened the Breadfarm, a good friend with Russian heritage used to bake her grandmothers Stollen recipe, cover it in powdered sugar and drive around Seattle, hand delivering loaves to her friends.  It was always a treat, and would be gone before we knew it.  

Stollen was one loaf that was requested repeatedly for years during November and December.  Besides my friend in Seattle, it wasn't in my family heritage, so I took it upon myself to learn what made a good one and then how to make it.  An enriched dough with a hint of warm spice undertones, it's studded with Grand Marnier soaked currants, house-made orange rind and slivered almonds, Stollen was quick to make me a believer. I'm a big fan of almond paste so I love the nugget of richness throughout the center of every loaf is like the icing on the cake.  When it's still warm, we brush it with clarified butter and dredge it in superfine sugar.  

Enjoy!  Renee, Scott and the Breadfarmers