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Stollen! It's here!

My good friend Andrea used to bake her grandmothers Stollen recipe every December and drive around Seattle, hand delivering loaves to her friends.  It was always a treat, and would be gone before we knew it.  

Stollen, a cake-like, fruit bread is traditionally made throughout Germany during the Christmas season.  This enriched dough with warm spice undertones, is studded with Grand Marnier soaked currants, house-made candied orange rind, slivered almonds and fresh lemon zest.  I'm a big fan of all things almond, so I love the nugget of marzipane (almond paste) throughout the center of every loaf.  When it's still warm, we brush it with clarified butter and dredge it in superfine sugar.  

Enjoy!  Renee, Scott and the Breadfarmers