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Lots of inquiries about our plans for the shop here in Edison as Washington makes strides in re-opening.

Our lobby congestion and flow was a problem pre-Covid.  So, we’ve decided to stick with curbside thru the summer.  We’re looking forward to installing another window in a few weeks to streamline the operation, order at one, pick up at the other.

Adding online ordering to our website last year was a win-win for our business and we hope for you too.  Our inventory is updated at 7a, for same day curbside pick up.  The ease & simplicity of ordering early in the day means you get what you want and have it waiting for you when you get here.  The new window will enable you to grab and go.  Yippee!   

Our pastry team is developing some new recipes to build our afternoon offerings.  There even may be talk of coffee.

We’re so thankful for all of your support.  You showed up when things got tough, when we really needed you.  Making the choice to drive the extra mile to buy your bread direct is not lost on us.

We’re looking forward to what’s ahead and staying true to our mission: Creating goodness by committing to quality, community, people and tradition.

XX Renée, Scott and the Breadfarmers