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Eat local first!

It’s important to keep in mind why our food costs a little more.

We source our ingredients locally whenever possible, and that means that the money stays right here in the community. Since we get the chance to look our customers in the eye, we want to make sure we use the best ingredients possible so that we feel good selling it to them. Sure, we could offer a slightly lower price by cutting corners. But we want to give you the best, tastiest food we can every time.

Breadfarm supports over 35 local farmers by purchasing direct whenever possible.  Samish River Potato Bread is made with organic Skagit Valley spuds grown just a few miles south of us on Chuckanut Drive!  Our Apple Danish features local apples and house made apple butter sourced from Roseabella's!  Chuckanut Multigrain is made with locally grown wheat and fresh milled cornmeal from Fairhaven Flour Mill!  Have you tried the Mixed Berry Snack Cake?  Made with blueberries from Bow Hill Blueberries and the best raspberries ever from Frog's Song Farm.  In addition, we use local grains, honey, hazelnuts, herbs, dairy, eggs & malted wheat.

So come taste the difference and Eat Local First!
Scott, Renée and the Breadfarmers