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Chicken Parade!

Folks grab your chicken masks and feathered boa's and make your way to Edison this coming Sunday Feb 26 at high NOON for the 6th Annual Chicken Parade!

We're a small town so this parade doesn't last long.  We're inclusive!  Feel free to join in the fun by bringing your chickens from home, or just yourself.  Kids kick off the parade with a roller skating race, and we're always looking for new ways to liven the festivites, so be creative!  The only requirement is feathers.  

Spend the rest of your day touring around the Chuckanut Flats enjoying all the fabulous birds who make our area home in the winter.  In addition, swing by Smith and Vallee for the final day of the fabulous Bird Invitational Art Exhibit, featuring feathered friends of all mediums.  

Cluck Cluck, Renee, Scott and the Breadfarmers