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Bread for Governor Jay Inslee!

WA State Governor Jay Inslee visited Skagit County today to tour all the ag-enhanced expansions at the Port of Skagit.  

How lucky could we be to have The Bread Lab, King Arthur Baking School, Skagit Valley Malting, Watershed Mills and Chuckanut Brewery now operating just down the road from us at the Port of Skagit?  

Scott did some test baking with the Skagit 1109, a wheat bred to grow in the moist regions here west of the Cascades.  We had a bread tasting of the Skagit 1109 wheat and make a few loaves with the flour from the new Watershed Mills.  The delicious Sesame Seed Epi was my favorite.  Thanks to the Port of Skagit for bringing our state representatives here and for all the support of craft baking.