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Big News on Breadfarm 2.0!

Breadfarm goes retail exclusive in Edison!!  We will no longer deliver to grocery stores following the Thanksgiving holiday as we transition our business to selling exclusively at our shop and regional farmers markets.

Our goal is, and always has been, to bake for our community.  We’re excited about the next chapter in our business.  Coffee?!!  Re-opening the lobby in 2023!!  In addition to bringing back some old favorites, including Sour Cherry Lemon Bread, North Fork Rye, Fig Anise Panini and Herbed Foccacia. We're testing a recipe for take home pizza dough, take~n~bake cookie dough & Scott has plans to fire up the flour mill he built in 2016 & work on some smaller batch breads that have been on the horizon for a long time.

While not easy, this decision comes on the heels of a 3 year pandemic roller coaster ride and a significant change in the workforce.

Our shop is open daily from 8a-4p and full of the delicious naturally leavened loaves you’ve come to love, in addition to shortbread cookies and European pastry.  Thank you for your support here and for sharing your table with us.