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Breadfarm is proud to introduce a new Adopt~a~Loaf program.  This program will provide our community access to naturally leavened artisan breads.  

Here's how it works:

  1. You purchase an Adopt~a~Loaf from Breadfarm
  2. Breadfarm sources grain from local mills (Cairnsprings Mill & Fairhaven Flour Mill) and bakes loaves that contain at least 40% locally milled flour.
  3. Adopt~a~Loaf is distributed to community food banks and food pantries to support your community in need.  

Right now farmers are planting grain, and they need to know they'll have a place to sell this year's crop.  Local mills need to keep busy grinding last year’s grain while bakers are facing reduced revenue in this new environment. 

At the same time, emergency feeding organizations are dangerously low on food.  Food banks and pantries often rely on donations from retailers, but since bread is flying off the shelves at food co-ops and grocery stores, there isn't much to spare for those most in need. 

Loaves will be made with at least 40% local flour, paid for by donations that help us keep staff employed and meet expenses, invest in local grain farms and mills and feed the community during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

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An anonymous donor is getting the Adopt~a~Loaf program rolling with a seed donation beginning today, April 24, 2020 for the next two weeks.  This is your opportunity to keep the program rolling past the initial 2-week period. 

For every 12 loaves, Breadfarm will throw in the 13th to create a baker’s dozen.  100% of contributions will go to increase our daily production of sliced sandwich breads to Burlington Edison School District and artisan loaves to Skagit Food Distribution Center, in Sedro Woolley who is serving as a hub for distributing to our valleys food banks, shelters and meal programs.

Since the start of the COVID outbreak, Breadfarm has been working with the Burlington Edison School District lunch program who provides breakfast and lunch to 1000 students a day.   

Adopt~a~Loaf School Lunch Program
Each loaf you purchase will feed 8-9 students sandwiches made on our naturally leavened artisan breads baked right here in Edison.  We will be sending the Burlington Edison School District Sandwich White, a naturally leavened sourdough loaf, make with local flour from Cairnsprings Mill.  Buy a loaf, buy ten loaves, or feed the entire district for a day. 

Adopt~a~Loaf Skagit Food Banks
Each loaf you purchase will be taken to Skagit Food Distribution Center in Sedro Woolley who is supplying partner food banks and meal programs throughout our county.  We will be sending our Samish River Potato Bread, made with local flour from Cairnsprings Mill and potatoes grown right down the road from Wallace Farms.  We will also be sending our Chuckanut Multigrain, made with local Rye/Wheat Flours milled at Fairhaven Flour Mills in Burlington.

Physically we're distanced right now, but socially we're stronger than ever, helping each other out during this unprecedented time.   Support your local baker, the regional grain chain and community access to bread - buy a loaf today!  

Breadfarm has the capacity to produce more bread each week for distribution to our local food banks and food pantries if you can pitch in and financially help the effort.  Adopt~a~Loaf can be purchased online at

Together, we’re changing the world, one loaf at a time.