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Since 2003, we have forged relationships with over 50 local suppliers, all of whom provide us with exceptional ingredients or supplies.  We bake for quality and taste.  Our goal is to enhance the products given to us and provide our customers with the best tasting flavors available, using simple techniques and recipes.

We are committed to quality and freshness.  Each loaf is hand formed and carefully tended through each stage of the baking process.  A majority of our breads are naturally leavened, ensuring freshness for days.  Each cookie is hand cut.  We think you'll taste the difference with the first bite.  

Thank you to all our customers for supporting us!

Breadfarm is all about bread.  

We bake our bread for full flavor, using long fermentation practices and the best quality ingredients that we can source.  Our breads are made fresh daily, so that when it hits your table, its loaded with goodness...moist interior, open crumb, great flavor and crisp crust.  

Breadfarm is a naturally leavened bakery. Flour changes depending on the season, harvest time, or mill.  Sourdough is much more forgiving, you feed it regularly and it can adapt to what it is being fed.  Our bread is made without any preservatives or additives, just wholesome grains and ingredients.   

Our bread processes take time...we start mixing dough with the sunrise, fold our dough carefully, shape the loaves tenderly, feed the starter an afternoon snack, let our loaves proof consistently and bake them in a steam injected hearth oven.  

It's always best to enjoy bread fresh, however, Breadfarm loaves have great keeping qualities.  Either place bread in brown bag on the counter or place in the freezer.  To "refresh" our loaves, run briefly under faucet and place in a hot oven (425 degrees) for 3-5 minutes or until the crust is crunchy again.      


Our cookies, sweet rustic baked goods and crispy crackers have made a name for themselves over the years.  People often ask what we put in our baked goods that make them so memorable.  Besides the love (and a smile when you ask) it's pretty simple.  We use the best ingredients we can source.  We're inspired to amaze your palate with exciting flavor combinations.  Our unique offerings are mixed in small batches with attention to quality and consistency.  We don't use any artificial flavorings, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup here folks.  

Our cookies and shelf stable pantry items are all made in small batches by staff with carefully tending hands. Using the finest quality, local, natural and often organic ingredients, our products are simple, flavorful and memorable.