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The Sweetest Valentine's treats around!

Share the love.  Share a loaf!  

Swing by the bakery this week for the Sweetest Valentine's Treats around.  In addition to all your favorites, we've got some special cookies to share with your loves.

My Aunt Sally was the best at inspiring creativity in her cookie making.  She showed up with Shortbread cookies in any shape or size, all coordinating with our celebration at hand.  I'm pretty sure she had a cookie cutter for every holiday!!  In memory of her, be sure to try an Aunt Sally's Shortbread Heart Sandwich Cookies, filled with lemon buttercream...these cookies are awesome, just like her.  $1.50/each

...And, back by popular demand, Chocolate Ganache Heart Sandwich Cookies.  A tasty, tender chocolate cookie filled with rich chocolate ganache.  $1.50

Breadfarm is love...

~Renee, Scott and the Breadfarmers