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The Breadfarm Mill Project: Post #2

It's official.  We've removed the old shed from the back of the bakery and expect to start renovations on our new mill room shortly.  Super exciting to be making the move to farmer direct purchasing on wheat bred for west of the Cascade growing conditions.

We've always believed in supporting our local community and buying local.  It's important for us to have the relationship with our suppliers so we can continue to source the best ingredients possible.  Bringing wheat, not just flour, into the picture, is a big step for us as bakers.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the work happening at WSU Bread Lab.  Dr. Steve Jones and wheat breeder, Steve Lyons have done so much for our craft of baking in the past years.   Know your farmer, know your miller, know your baker.  Stay tuned as this project unfolds...

Best, Scott, Renee and the Breadfarmers