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NW Mills Yecora Rojo Flour

We're super excited to let you know that some of our "white" breads may have taken on a new color.  NW Mills began milling flour in April up at the Port of Skagit.  Fresh milled flour is super exciting, but fresh milled Skagit grown wheat is even more exciting!  The Yecora Rojo is a hard red wheat, grown by longtime farmer John Roosen.  We're blending it into all our non-organic doughs, including Samish River Potato, Sesame Burger Buns, Challah, Sandwich White, Chuckanut Multigrain, Rosemary Rolls and North Fork Rye.  

You may notice a change in coloration of some of these loaves as the interior crumb now has a creamy appearance, the result of adding in a so-called "dirty white" flour.  To refine stone-ground wheat flour, millers will commonly pass the flour through a series of sieves (to sift out bran and germ) and produce a more "refined" flour.  "Dirty White"  refers to a milling term when they leave some of the bran and germ in the flour, so it's color is not as white as it would be if you removed it all.  It also gives the flour more flavor and nutrition!  We've noticed keeping qualities of these loaves has increased by a day or two!   

Enjoy!  Scott, Renee and the Breadfarmers