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NOW HIRING! Experienced Artisan Bread Shaper(s)

Breadfarm seeks to add to our bread team in anticipation of 1, possibly 2, long term bakers moving on to their next life adventure(s). 
NOW accepting applications for Artisan Bread Bakers with 1+ years proven experience in a commercial scale, from scratch, bread baking, production environment.

Qualified candidates can demonstrate work experience with mixing soft dough, hand shaping and hearth baking. They will have a general understanding of bread dough development and fermentation processes from mixing through baking - proteins, starches, water, salt, enzymes, yeast, bacteria, temperature, time. They will be capable of meeting the productivity demands of a production bakery.

THE HOURS: Full time position, schedule to be determined, 8-10 hour shifts. Weekends mandatory.

THE DUTIES: Hand-shaping, mixing, fermenting, proofing and baking of naturally leavened artisan breads.

YOU: Have proficiency working in a production environment. You are a good communicator, have strong organizational skills, and work well independently and as part of a team. You should understand how to work efficiently, multi-task, and be clean in your work habits. You work smart, pay attention to details, and care. You can lift 50 pounds. 
Submit resume and cover letter to   No phone calls please.