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Deluxe Holiday Cookie Assortment

Leave the baking to us this year and share the love of cookies! 

If you’re looking for a hand-made treat of baked goodness, but don't have the time this year to dedicate to baking Christmas cookies, our Deluxe Holiday Cookie Box is the ticket. It contains 30-36 cookies in 5 delicious flavors: Vanilla Shortbread, Orange Cranberry Shortbread, Chocolate Peppermint Shortbread, Ginger~ Honey~ Cardamom Shortbread and Almond Biscotti di Prato.

Buy a box for your neighbor, your mail-carrier, your kids' teacher, your dentist, your mother-in-law, them all a box, and throw in one for yourself, too.

Thanks for your support of our local bakery, 
Renee, Scott and the Breadfarmers