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Breadfarm Open House POSTPONED!


Breadfarm Open House POSTPONED UNTIL FALL 2017 

Folks, we've decided to postpone our Annual Open House until sometime this fall. We're still working on reconfiguring our bake room to accommodate our stone flour mill. The hopes is to get the mill installed sometime early this summer and then for Scott to start to get his hands into milling. Tentative Open House date set for Oct 21, but we'll firm up as the mill is installed and fresh flour becomes a reality for us at the Breadfarm. Thanks for your support!

Once our mill is complete, we'll look forward to opening up our bake room for our Annual Open House, with hands on scoring and baking demonstrations, we’ll be talking about the local wheat scene and how we’re incorporating more local whole grains into our existing bread formulas. We’ll be tasting bread all day. In addition, we'll be giving tours of our new mill room and stone flour mill as well as have samples of fresh milled Skagit County flour for you to take home.  This event is free and open to the public.

Scott Mangold, owner and head baker of Breadfarm, says, “I get excited each year when we open the back doors of the bakery to our patrons and the community. You’re all a pretty big part of our bakery, so there is something that’s special about sharing the what’s and the why’s behind the things we do.” “At Breadfarm, we love baking, but our reason for being is more than this. We choose to pursue the greater good. Care for our families, our neighbors, our health, the health of our surroundings. It only helps to make our world the one in which we’d choose to live. Our place in the community allows us to touch a great many people, so we know we can make an impact.”

Happy baking!  Renee, Scott and the Breadfarmers