Farmers Market :: Whole Miche Box

Farmers Market :: Whole Miche Box

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Our Whole Miche Box contains an entire loaf of our delicious Stoneground Wheat Miche and your choice of a Breadfarm cookie pack, bag of granola or jar of fresh ground peanut butter!

"Miche" originated in France back in the days when a town would fire up it's communal oven for all to use.  Because the oven may only be fired once a week, people made large loaves that would keep for several days.  The Miche is normally a 2 kilo loaf (~4#).  Ours is naturally leavened, made with fresh milled stoneground wheat flour from our friends at Fairhaven Mills in Burlington.  IT is delicious, moist and goes good with just about anything.

1 loaf : Stoneground Miche
1 Breadfarm Add-On ** your choice of a sleeve of shortbread cookies, a bag of organic granola or a 12 oz jar of fresh ground peanut butter!