Adopt ~ a ~ loaf School Lunch Program

Adopt ~ a ~ loaf School Lunch Program

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Your purchase of an Adopt~a~Loaf School Lunch Program will provide students throughout the Burlington Edison School District with a loaf of bread as part of the breakfast/lunch "take home" program.  Our Sandwich White, is a naturally leavened sourdough, made with 42% local flour from Cairnsprings Mill.  We believe in feeding our community, one mouth at a time.   Share the loaf ~ share the love.

ONE (1) loaf $6.05
will make 8-9 sandwiches 

FIVE (5) loaves $30.25
will make 45 sandwiches

TWELVE (12) loaves $72.60
will make 108 sandwiches

FIFTY (50) loaves $302.50
will make 450 sandwiches

ONE HUNDRED (100) loaves $605.00
will feed the district for an entire day!