Adopt ~ a ~ loaf School Lunch Program

Adopt ~ a ~ loaf School Lunch Program

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Your purchase of an Adopt~a~Loaf School Lunch Program will be matched loaf for loaf by a generous donor who has pledged to purchase up to $5000 in bread from Breadfarm to help nourish Burlington Edison School District students during the COVID 19 pandemic.  For every 12 loaves donated, Breadfarm will throw in the 13th loaf to create a "bakers dozen".

ONE (1) loaf $6.05
will make 8-9 sandwiches 

FIVE (5) loaves $30.25
will make 45 sandwiches

TWELVE (12) loaves $72.60
will make 108 sandwiches
*bakers dozen* Breadfarm will add the 13th loaf for free!

FIFTY (50) loaves $302.50
will make 450 sandwiches

ONE HUNDRED (100) loaves $605.00
will feed the district for an entire day!

Burlington Edison School District is currently feeding 1000 students lunch Monday-Friday. We will be providing our Sandwich White loaf a naturally leavened sourdough, made with 42% local flour from Cairnsprings Mill.  

Breadfarm opened in 2003 in the small village of Edison, just down the block from Edison Elementary.  We take pride in our community, our staff and our suppliers.  By sourcing locally, we keep our money right here in the beautiful Skagit Valley.  To support our local grain economy, we purchase over 60% of our flour from Fairhaven Flour Mills in Burlington and Cairnsprings Mill at the Port of Skagit.  Each loaf we make is naturally leavened, carefully tended by our bakers before being baked in a hearth stone oven.  

Share the loaf ~ share the love.   XX Renee & Scott